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What We Do

The Treadstone Realty Group excels in identifying the right opportunity and properly structuring the capital components of an investment property to fit the specific portfolios of its investors. Our team designs an in-depth exit strategy for every commercial/investment acquisition by understanding the likely use and estimated time of disposition. As a result, the probability of success is increased for Treadstone clients.

At Treadstone, we recognize that each property type has its own unique characteristics and investment criteria. Utilizing accurate market data, we successfully identify high quality investment opportunities located in high growth areas. After identification, we ensure that all aspects of the property are evaluated and that the asset is acquired at a value that minimizes downside risk exposure for the world's most discerning clientele.

Treadstone offers its clients the exceptional services of preferred lenders. With Treadstone's "Lender's Preferred" relationship, our clients reap the benefits of a unique, personal relationship with national lenders who offer our clients the best rates, terms, and conditions to meet their individual needs.

Real Estate Services

At Treadstone, every effort is made to insure that our clients benefit from the experience and commitment to excellence we strive for every day. Whether you're a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor, all of our clients are handled by well-trained, knowledgable agents who are the best in their respective fields. Treadstone is known for its excellence.

REO Management

For the past decade we have been offering our Bank and National Lender, and servicing clientele, complete REO services. From eviction to closing, we tailor our systematic REO operations to meet the needs of each individual client. Our focus is to deliver timely, accurate information so that our clients can make the best possible "informed" decision regarding their REO portfolios. Treadstone is a leader in providing innovative "service systems" to REO managers, nationwide. Simply put, Treadstone is the best in REO services.

Investment & Portfolios

Whether you are interested in building a rental portfolio, rehabilitating a home for investment purposes or looking to acquire commercial Real Estate, Treadstone has the experience and expertise to find you that perfect deal. We cater to all aspects of investing and can custom tailor an investment strategy that is right for you. Some of our client’s just don’t have the time or experience to tackle investment projects or they are uncomfortable doing so on their own. From time to time we offer partnership opportunities in some of our projects. Please contact us for more information.

Property Management

Whether you own a commercial center, a multi family complex, or several single family residences, placing and retaining tenants can be a time consuming task. Managing repairs, utilities, late charges, and renovations can be overwhelming even for a seasoned property owner. Let us take the stress and headache out of the process.


At Treadstone our development team is constantly analyzing both Houston and other Texas markets for growth patterns and market trends. We are excited not only about opportunities urban development and revitalization bring, but we genuinely enjoy elevating the Texas/Houston landscape. From townhomes in Mid-town Houston to an enclave of Custom Homes in the Country, we are always seeking out opportunities for our investors.

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Treadstone Realty Group is an exclusive real estate firm headquartered in Northwest Houston and led by Colton Blair Hutchins, a graduate of Sam Houston State University.

Colton and his team embody a new breed of real estate professionals that enjoy success as a result of education, hard work, awareness, global thinking and leading-edge technology.

A Few of Our Services

  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Client Marketing
  • Asset Management
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